College Filmmaking – Central Connecticut State University


The DIGITAL FILMMAKING track (COMM 228, 328, 428 & 488) is a college level, film training emphasis within Central Connecticut State University’s, Department of Communication. Focusing on story-telling techniques, artistic skills and media technologies,  students in this sequence regularly conceive ideas, develop scripts and explore fictional /non-fictional characters through the independent film production process.



From originally scripted work and short-filmmaking, to real-life portraits, The Digital Filmmaking track provides hands-on instruction in cinematography, sound acquisition, non-linear editing and other areas of specialization within production.  Combining these skills through a story-telling perspective, Film students regularly identify themes of interest, observe, investigate, capture and craft meaningful films.



Both graduates and current students of this program work in the entertainment industry, gain acceptance within film graduate programs, compete in festivals, produce media campaigns and most importantly, obtain the foundations to create compelling film-works for traditional and non-traditional distribution.

Congratulations to Digital Filmmaking students, Joshua Therriault and Shae Sau, who have both accepted production positions at ESPN.




We encourage interdisciplinary collaborations from other artists, musicians, writers, poets, designers, etc.

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